The Leadership Centre is Training Leadership Consulting’s (TLC’s) Online learning portal and international certification body. At The Leadership Centre we understand that the learning environment has changed and that a classroom is no longer a requirement for professional growth. This online business improvement eLearning portal was designed for individuals and teams looking to extend their professional education as blended learning (classroom and online) or as a pure eLearning approach without the limitations of classroom-based training.

We help organisations from small to medium sized businesses to large Parastatals and Multi Nationals. This means that we go into organisations and really understand their structure, problems and strategy and build capability so that they develop the leadership and capacity to solve their own problems.

These interventions involve Strategy, Leadership Development, Change Management and Continuous Improvement Programmes such as Lean and Six Sigma. Giving you the skills to lead, identify, analyse and solve your own Purpose, Process and People problems is essential in this competitive global economy.

We provide eLearning solutions for companies and individuals globally.

“Instead of seeing people as a means to accomplishing a task. See a task as a means to developing people”